Luxury Handmade Soaps, Bath Bombs, whipped soap & Bubbling Bath Salts


All our packaging for our handmade soaps and bath bombs is now plastic free!  We are proud to say our packaging in made in the UK from cellophane film that has been accredited biodegradable & compostable!

Our bubbling bath salts and whipped soap cream are available in glass jars that can be re-used by you or we are happy to take them back and give you a discount off your next purchase!

We are making conscious decisions about where we source all the products we use and the impact this has on the environment.


Small changes can make a big difference!



We want to bring products to the market that look beautiful, smell delicious as well as being great for the skin without all the nasties found in a lot of commercial products. We think you'll definitely notice the difference! Founded in the heart of East Sussex. It's important to us at that we only use UK suppliers for the ingredients to make our handmade products. Everything we have sourced is vegan friendly too. Please join us by being kind to yourselves and the planet!

Larissa & Michelle x 


Bubbling Bath Dead Sea Salts

Our new take on bath salts, our bubbling bath dead sea salts are rich in nourishing minerals. We have also added moisturising apricot oil packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Choose from Lavender Crush with notes of chamomile,  Rhuby Zest a sweet compilation of rhubarb and lemon and Jasmine Berry an infusion of berries and jasmine. Have a relaxing soak in a bath enriched with dead sea salt, known to benefit the body from the inside out! All ingredients are vegan.

We only use glass jars that are very re-usable in your own home but we are working on refillable salt packs too!


Luxury Vegan Handmade Soaps

Our gourmet handmade soaps are hand poured using indulgent ingredients, with a very high glycerin content making them luxurious and extremely moisturising. Our products are unique, being free from: Parabens, PEG, preservatives and completely vegan friendly.  

We all know that size matters!  Our luxury handmade soap comes in at around 140g, that's a whopping 40% larger than soaps you might buy in the supermarket, making the soaps great  value for money. 


Double Bath Bombs

We have been working on some new luxury foaming bath bombs, all the ingredients are vegan.  We'd like to introduce our new extra large double bath bombs! You get two baths out of every bath bomb set. Depending on the fragrance you choose, we have eight and yes you can mix and match! In addition we have almond oil bath bombs, apricot oil bath bombs and a couple even have shea butter drizzle. 

The 'plastic' packaging is 100% biodegradable as it's made from potato/corn starch from a supplier in the UK! 


Whipped Soap Cream

Our whipped soap cream is the ultimate in luxury.  This decadent cream is extremely nourishing and moisturising.  A little goes a long way and you will feel like you have moisturised your whole body. We have three fruity fragrances to choose from Rhubarb & Custard, Cherry Berry and Papaya.

We have two sizes to choose from and they come in very re-usable glass jars. We will be offering a discount to customers who return jars to us.  Every little helps in the 'war against plastic'!

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6 December 2019

Bridge Cottage, High Street, Uckfield TN22 1AZ

5pm - 9pm

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6 December 2019

Bridge Cottage, High Street, Uckfield TN22 1AZ

Christmas late night shopping, Craft & Artisan Market, free admission. 

5pm - 9pm

7 December 2019

Bridge Cottage, High Street, Uckfield TN22 1AZ

9am - 4pm

Event Details

7 December 2019

Bridge Cottage, High Street, Uckfield TN22 1AZ

Christmas Craft & Artisan Market, free admission.  

9am - 4pm

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